This whole screwed-up food system we've inherited has an important end point:


You eat the food.  That's the only reason an agricultural system exists in the first place, to feed people.  The final product, the ultimate conclusion of the whole chain is you putting a thing on a plate and eating it.

This gives you extraordinary power.

You have the power to demand the kind of food you want to eat.  You can tailor your diet to seasonal food, in sustainable proportions of meats and starches and vegetables, and your dollars will see to it that the system changes to your tastes.

We've been basing our diets around sick meat and dead white flour and Frankencorn derivatives for decades because we didn't know there was an alternative.  But now we're rediscovering sustainable food, and you can be part of  that discovery.  We're experimenting with whole and heirloom grains.  We're preserving seasonal vegetables with natural fermentation.  We're using smaller portions of higher quality meat, and adding more beans and pulses to our diets.


And we're making it all delicious as hell, because you can't feed a revolution on crappy health food.


Learn your food rights.  Exercise them every day.  We're going to make something badass, something that people will remember a thousand years from now as they eat the righteous food that we invented.


Do you know your Food Rights?

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