spatchcocked chicken


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Roasted spatchcocked chicken is maybe three minutes more work. We all know how easy roast chicken is.  I mean, it’s nothing.  Ten minutes work, an hour in the oven, boom: crackly-skinned, succulent-fleshed poultry. But what if you wanted to get that bird on the table in half the time?  With three extra minutes of work, […]

dry roux


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Dry roux kicks the ass of traditional roux in every way imaginable. Okay, before we get into that, let’s establish our vocabulary here. A roux (pronounced ‘roo’, as in, ‘Rue the day!’ or ‘kanga-roo’), traditionally understood, is flour browned in oil. Roux is the thickener in a bunch of cajun and creole dishes, like gumbo […]

start cooking NOW.

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Whenever a young adult first sets out on their own, to college or to a first apartment or any situation where all of a sudden there’s no one to feed them and they have to figure it out on their own, it’s a struggle.  I struggled.  Fast food.  Frozen meals.  Lots of money down the […]

Gyro Tacos

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I worked at one of those middle eastern restaurants for a while, one of those truly American places where the owner is Lebanese, everybody calls it Greek, and the food is a cultural mishmash, but none of that matters because it’s all really damn good.  Especially the gyros.   The owner’s son confided in me that he and […]