Here’s why I haven’t posted much lately…

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OnionSmash - final

I’ve been busy with THAT.  Click on it, you’ll see.

If you’re too busy to click it, just know that it’s a complete ‘how-to-cook’ for busy, broke people who might have never picked up a pan before in their lives.  Because as we all well know, home-cooked meals are infinitely cheaper and healthier than takeout or convenience foods.

Why the hammer, you ask?  Because… maybe some people.. think that’s… how to cook…  Look, haven’t you ever just wanted to take a hammer to an onion?  I know I’m not the only one here.  It might be delicious!  You don’t know.

But it’s too late!  That’s the cover for the course.  Nothing can change it now.

Anyway, that comes out on April 11th, and it’s $25 if you get it within the first week, and now that I’m almost done with that I’m gonna really get some new stuff up on the site.  Stuff for YOU, stuff about how to make some kickass roasted nuts and updates on the ongoing LOAF Nights (which are a huge success, btw) and my discovery of a tomato-less tomato sauce that, despite my initial skepticism, really tastes amazing and makes it so that we can actually eat stuff with red sauce again. 1

So thanks, thanks for sticking around when it seemed like I was never gonna put up new stuff or like the site was about to disappear into the digital ether.  You rock.  : )  Talk to you soon.



  1. The wife has a tomato sensitivity.  : (

2 thoughts on “Here’s why I haven’t posted much lately…

  1. Glad to see you’re back on. Can’t wait to see the sauce recipe. Congratulations on the cookbook!

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