freezer breakfast burrito


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I’m not going to tell you these freezer breakfast burritos were the most awesome breakfast I’ve ever had. I’m not going to claim that they’re the easiest breakfast eh-var, or that they’re perfectly nutritionally balanced with healthy fats and proteins to give your morning zest and zing. I’m not going to call freezer breakfast burritos […]

fully loaded fast draw steak burgers.

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We’re almost there. FRICKIN’ INDEPENDENCE DAY, SUCKAS. That secularly holy extravaganza of all things American, that apex of nationalistic fervor, manifesting itself in beer-drinkin’, meat-grillin’, and that favorite celebratory act which separates July 4th from the stylistically similar Memorial Day, blowin’ s*** up in a suitably spectacular manner. I will be visiting the Great White […]

Gyro Tacos

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I worked at one of those middle eastern restaurants for a while, one of those truly American places where the owner is Lebanese, everybody calls it Greek, and the food is a cultural mishmash, but none of that matters because it’s all really damn good.  Especially the gyros.   The owner’s son confided in me that he and […]

A Whole Frikkin’ Pork Shoulder, Part I: Carnitas

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My eyes flew wide.  My fingers quivered.  ‘Berkshire Pork Shoulder: $3.29 a pound!’ the ad gaily proclaimed. I was on the butcher’s website on a completely different mission, searching for grass fed beef liver.  But… $3.29!  That’s cheaper than ground beef at Aldi!  For Berkshire pork!  I don’t think I’ve ever tasted non-industrial pork before.  And […]