Use the whole buffalo


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When I say ‘use the whole buffalo,’ all I mean is that food demands respect. As Americans, we’ve forgotten this. Food is historically, impractically, improbably cheap right now, from a dollar standpoint, so we treat food cheaply. We throw away leftovers. We throw away vegetable trimmings. We throw away offal and fat and bone. Other […]

possum living


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Feral Cuisine is to Possum Living what Jet is to The Rolling Stones. A cheap imitation. A commercial knockoff. Dolly Freed’s sustainable living manifesto makes my sustainable food tract read like an exercise in pretension. Possum Living is sustainable food, sustainable housing, sustainable life, all without a job. This shit is extreme. And it makes me […]

How to Butcher A Deer **WARNING: GRAPHIC**

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WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING This post contains pictures and descriptions of deer hunting and the butchering process.  An animal died for this.  It’s not for the squeamish.  But if you eat meat, you should see this. —————————————————————————————————————— This last weekend, I went deer hunting with a friend. I wouldn’t term […]

Why it’s exciting to be a foodie in America right now.

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This time, right now, right here?  It F***ING RULES. A bunch of people I know are talking about how there’s never enough money to go around.  Or how jobs are scarce.  Or how real estate is getting more expensive.  Taxes are up.  Services are down.  Everybody hates the government.  We’re fighting unsustainable undeclared wars to […]