spatchcocked chicken


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Roasted spatchcocked chicken is maybe three minutes more work. We all know how easy roast chicken is.  I mean, it’s nothing.  Ten minutes work, an hour in the oven, boom: crackly-skinned, succulent-fleshed poultry. But what if you wanted to get that bird on the table in half the time?  With three extra minutes of work, […]

Roast Sumac Chicken

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So I made some sumac chicken and I totally forgot to tell you guys about it! Sumac is this tangy, funky spice they use a lot in Middle Eastern cooking.  But, even though the sumac plant grows all over the freaking place here, it’s considered some kind of crazy exotic flavoring!  I fully intend to […]

Stuffed Chicken – a study in frustration and despair.

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With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured I’d better get to work on some stuffing recipes that are pretty easy to throw together, so that I would have something season-relevant to present and wouldn’t be scrambling in desperation on November 24th to throw together a vaguely harvest-themed feature, like ‘Turkey and Deconstructed Stuffing Nachos’, or…  actually, […]