fully loaded fast draw steak burgers.

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We’re almost there. FRICKIN’ INDEPENDENCE DAY, SUCKAS. That secularly holy extravaganza of all things American, that apex of nationalistic fervor, manifesting itself in beer-drinkin’, meat-grillin’, and that favorite celebratory act which separates July 4th from the stylistically similar Memorial Day, blowin’ s*** up in a suitably spectacular manner. I will be visiting the Great White […]

Bratwurst Steaks

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What makes a sausage a bratwurst? I’ll tell you.  You won’t believe me.  But after poring through the dusty archives of ancient Germanic Wurstmeister guilds and conversing with old Wisconsinite grandmother, I discovered that which separates mere ground meat from that porcine pinnacle, that speciality of the sausage makers craft, that peak of porky perfection, the […]

Gyro Tacos

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I worked at one of those middle eastern restaurants for a while, one of those truly American places where the owner is Lebanese, everybody calls it Greek, and the food is a cultural mishmash, but none of that matters because it’s all really damn good.  Especially the gyros.   The owner’s son confided in me that he and […]

Meat! Loaf!

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I would do anything for meatloaf.  I would indeed run right into hell and back.  But I don’t need to.  Because I can make it myself.  I doubt that they have very good meatloaf in hell, anyway. Last night, Juliana and I hosted our very first LOAF Night.  This is pretty much just us having a […]

Meaty Spheres!

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Back while me and my then-girlfriend were dating, I happened to glimpse a very special box of cereal in her parents’ pantry one day when I was visiting for supper. It was obviously some regional generic version of Chex.  But the name on the box was a work of (probably unintentional) brilliance.  It was so […]