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My name is Josh, and I’m all about cooking awesome meals from scratch, without much money or time.

We’re in a war with the Industrial Food Machine.  Drive-through meals and frozen dinners are the food of the oppressed.  Cook for yourself and discover that it’s not only easy, cheap, and fast, it’s also freeing.  Freeing for your own body and soul, and for the world around you.

The first weapon is knowledge.  The second is action.  Start cooking healthy, easy recipes for yourself today.  Sign up below to join in the battle.


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Roast Sumac Chicken

YCMT roast sumac chickenSo I made some sumac chicken and I totally forgot to tell you guys about it!

Sumac is this tangy, funky spice they use a lot in Middle Eastern cooking.  But, even though the sumac plant grows all over the freaking place here, it’s considered some kind of crazy exotic flavoring!  I fully intend to harvest some in the near future, because I know I’ve seen it growing in the park around the corner.  More on that as it develops.

Sumac pairs with chicken really well.  So I had this great, totally (un)original idea to just roast a chicken that was rubbed all over with salt and sumac and garlic.

Because garlic.  Why not garlic?  Food sans garlic is like fishing sans beer.  Garlic is in everything in my house.  Our pores exude it, and they are happy pores. Continue reading

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