IMG_20150617_175525This is Feral Cuisine, the home for healthy,  easy recipes for guys. 

My name is Josh, and I’m all about cooking awesome meals from scratch, without much money or time.

We’re in a war with the Industrial Food Machine.  Drive-through meals and frozen dinners are the food of the oppressed.  Cook for yourself and discover that it’s not only easy, cheap, and fast, it’s also freeing.  Freeing for your own body and soul, and for the world around you.

The first weapon is knowledge.  The second is action.  Start cooking healthy, easy recipes for yourself today.  Sign up below to join in the battle.


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Super Bowl Snacks: General Tso’s Ribs and Potato Skins

general tso's ribs vs potato skinsSo the big news this year is that the Chiefs will actually not go the way of the Royals, and that the yearly major entertainment side of our own personal Panem et Circensis will instead feature two teams that are not from Kansas City.  The… Wildcats and the Mustangs, or… something.  I forget.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike football!  I just didn’t get into it until late college, when the entire student population of my apartment building would stuff ourselves into the living room of one unit, down gallons of Keystone Light, and scream wordlessly as Bob Stoops carried our Sooners to (near) victory.  I began to appreciate football as a sociological phenomenon, the modern variant of Bronze Age city-state warfare, a culturally sanctioned way to vent aggression and bind communities.  Then frikkin’ Boise State came in and, after an epic game and significant ref favoritism, shat all over our parade.

Sociological theory was no more.  Now there was only pain.  Despair. Continue reading

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