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My name is Josh, and I’m all about cooking awesome meals from scratch, without much money or time.

We’re in a war with the Industrial Food Machine.  Drive-through meals and frozen dinners are the food of the oppressed.  Cook for yourself and discover that it’s not only easy, cheap, and fast, it’s also freeing.  Freeing for your own body and soul, and for the world around you.

The first weapon is knowledge.  The second is action.  Start cooking healthy, easy recipes for yourself today.  Sign up below to join in the battle.


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Chocolate Chip Scones in 25 Minutes

chocolate chip sconesOf the twenty-five minutes require to make these, twenty-two are just the waiting.

And they’re completely whole-grain, as God intended chocolate chip scones to be.

And aside from the chocolate chips, there is no added sugar in this recipe whatsoever.

Oh, and they taste RIGHTEOUS, as I can attest, having made them… seven?  Yeah, we’ll say seven.  Seven times over the last two weeks or so.  I’ve been stuffing myself with freaking CHOCOLATE CHIP SCONES every morning for the past two weeks, as per Michael Pollan’s Rule 54 1, and I think I’ve actually gained some definition on my abs. Continue reading


  1. ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.’ Food Rules is a fantastic little book.  Get it.
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