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Feral Cuisine is for the folks out there who know they should ditch the fast food and frozen meals for health and money purposes, but don’t know how to get started.





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READER REQUEST #1: Shrimp Fried Rice!

shrimp fried riceThis one goes out to @SleepingFoodie.  You asked for it.  The shrimp fried rice train is leavin’ the station, baybee.

Oh, shrimp, you delectable little morsel, you sweet little tease of the sea, have I told you how I love you?  You were always my favorite food.  When folks asked my favorite meal, I might answer stroganoff, or pad thai, but when they asked favorite FOOD, it was, and always has been, from the time I could form a word: you, shrimp, always you.

First, a qualification: shrimp isn’t cheap.  But we were still able to get it on our $40 per person per week budget, so I guess it’s cheap enough.  We just don’t get it very often because when protein is over $3 a pound, I scoff, flip my thinning hair, and turn toward the boneless chicken thighs.  Childhood crush notwithstanding.  But this time I did it!  And despite my fears, it didn’t break the bank! Continue reading

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